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Updated on 19 Mar, 2023


Generally, it isn't a much-debated topic that your internet speed sees a dip while using a VPN. This occurs due to the encryption process with the data in between, making it safe and secured. Cyberghost claims to be the fastest VPN service provider, and we wanted to test that out!

While testing Cyberghost VPN in regards to speed, we were pretty surprised by the browsing speed it delivered. Further pushing the product with different online activities, like gaming and streaming, we realized it does pack a powerful punch! On average, we had a consistent high-speed internet connection with no connection drops or lag.

Privacy and Security

Cyberghost strictly follows its 'Zero Logging' feature. And when we say zero logging, Cyberghost does adhere to its word! It packs strong encryption that hides your location and scrambles your internet with industry-leading 256-bit encryption. Cyberghost also includes standard features such as Killswitch and ad tracking blockers that make your browsing safe. At the same time, they also publish a quarterly transparency report, which brings the users a sense of trust and reliability.


Cyberghost has a large fleet of 7000 servers across 90 countries. Their servers are spanned all around the globe, especially in the US, UK, European Union, Africa and Asia. With an impressive span of servers, it wouldn't be much of a trouble when selecting a fast server. In addition, it also supports major protocols, including OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2.


Cyberghost has an impressive range of supported devices. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and popular gaming consoles and routers. This makes Cyberghost a top VPN to use across cross-platforms.

Customer Support

Reaching customer support with major VPN providers is quite a hectic process. Cyberghost truly shines with their exceptional 24/7 customer support who are keen on solving your problems. We tried reaching out to their customer support and didn't have to wait much. The support agents were real people trying to address an issue without a script, which we don't typically see with most VP service providers.


You can buy a premium subscription starting from ₹965 per month in India. If you intend on purchasing a one-year subscription, the monthly price drops to ₹320 per month. And if you need a VPN connection all the time, consider their two-year plan with a monthly cost of ₹245. Finally, their most extended plan is three years with a monthly bill of ₹170, which gets you another three months of free service.

In our opinion, Cyberghost has reasonably priced their subscriptions with their extended plan making the best deals! Also, considering the prices of other VPN providers, It is almost on par with them with somewhat aggressive pricing.

Our Verdict

Cyberghost is one of the most stable VPNs in the market. You don't need to ask much for a reliable VPN service; Cyberghost has it all! Needless to say, it has all the security and privacy features. Competitive pricing over other products gives Cyberghost an edge with its brand value, reliability, and robust security measures, making it one of the leading VPN services in this space.

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Company 1

Hands down the most secure VPN available today. What makes people gravitate towards this VPN service is its strict zero-logs policy and their strong commitment to maintaining complete online anonymity.
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Powered by over 15 years of expertise, Cyberghost VPN is our top choice if you want to shield your personal data from the prying eyes of authorities and hackers. I highly recommend Cyberghost VPN.
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One of the best all-round VPN services. Super fast and safe, with over 3000 server locations in more than 90 countries. To say we super highly recommend ExpressVPN for maintaining high security.
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While Surfshark may be a new contender in the line of top-rated VPNs, it still packs a powerful punch. The VPN gives you total digital freedom, impressive speeds, and reliable security. Highly Recommend this vpn to manintain security.
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Atlas VPN quite possibly has the best offer when it comes to free VPN service with its unlimited bandwidth and strong security protocols. Not surprisingly, the experience gets even better when you subscribe to their premium service.