User Information

RealVpnPro collects non-identifying information such as browser type, language, date and time of visit, and referring web site. This is common on most websites and is automatically provided by web browsers and servers. We collect this information to understand user behavior in order to optimize our website. We do not pass any of our user information to third parties.

We do not collect personal information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. However, certain VPN vendors listed on the website do offer us access to this information when a referenced user makes a purchase on its website. We do not use or sell this information.

Our Cookie Policy

A cookie is a line of code that stores a website on a user's device and that the user's web browser makes available to the user every time the user returns. RealVpnPro uses cookies to learn and analyze user behavior and measure the sales success of our partners.

Users who do not want cookies installed on their devices can set their browser to refuse cookies. However, this may disable certain features, and not all parts of our website may work adequately.

External and Affiliate Links

We only link to reputable companies, but RealVpnPro has no control over their websites and how they store user information. Any interaction with affiliate websites is subject to their privacy policies and terms of use.

Changes to the privacy policy

We may change our privacy policy from time to time. You are advised to stay updated with our privacy policy for further changes.